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McCoy updates workforce on readiness, townhall and special emphasis events.

Microgrid - a milestone energy resilience project for ANAD

Anniston Army Depot is partnering with the Office of Energy Initiatives to provide energy resilience and security to the depot through a microgrid, which, combined with several additional projects, will move ANAD closer to being self-reliant and resilient in the event of future power disruptions.

Weingarten Rights and Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute Rights

Supervisors and managers have every right to communicate with their employees, but when it comes to questioning employees, which may result in discipline, the bargaining unit employee also has rights.

Inspiring change in the continued progress for racial equity and justice

In February, we celebrate Black History Month as a way to recognize the many contributions that Black Americans have made to our nation. The official observation of Black History Month started in 1986 with the passage of Public Law 99-244. However, Black History Month was first proposed in 1915 by Carter G. Woodson, an alumnus of the University of Chicago, after participating in a national celebration on the fiftieth anniversary of emancipation sponsored by the state of Illinois. The idea of a month to celebrate Black History expanded in the 1960s to Negro History Week, which led the way to what was officially recognized as Black History Month in 1978. The month long celebration recognizes the achievements and impact Blacks have had on the history of the United States.

State of the Depot: What is the financial posture of the depot and how can you help?

We are in a critical period, financially speaking. Everything that we planned back during the summer has completely changed. We were on a path to our workload being at one of lowest points in the last 20 years. For perspective, we were only planning to execute 1.7M Direct Labor Hours (DLHs) this year. Last year, the depot executed 1.9M DLHs. Prior to that, our lowest execution was back in 2001 when we executed 2.4M DLHs. With the reduction in workload, everything was impacted. To keep our rates affordable for our customers, we began looking at reducing personnel requirements and cutting expenses.

DEIA Corner

Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) in the workplace are essential elements of a successful and productive work environment.

Feeling Stressed?

We all suffer from stress at times. In these days of demanding work and home schedules, it’s tougher than ever to keep the stress at bay. But it’s worth a try. Anniston Army Depot employees can reach out to the Army Substance Abuse/Employee Assistance Program for more information and assistance related to dealing with excessive stress by calling extension 3182 or 6294.

ANAD Safety Office receives official recognition of merit

The Anniston Army Depot Safety Office is commended for their hard work and dedication which lead to the creation of a safe working environment. The exceptional rating of 2.73 out of 3.00, from the Army Materiel Command Safety Program Assessment, proves that ANAD’s Safety Office is committed to excellence and provides the best possible safety measures for their employees. The outstanding scores for the individual programs demonstrates the office’s ability to develop and implement effective safety programs.

The Anniston Pathways Program: A Model for Future Work-Based Learning

As we shape the Army of 2030, military and civilian leaders continue to acknowledge our system of education has drastically changed, and the use of technology in education has subsequently gained widespread popularity. Modernization is not limited to facilities. To prepare our Army for multidomain operations, we must modernize equipment, technology, and people. The modernization of people, particularly in the areas of training, recruiting, and personnel management, is entering a new frontier.

ANAD launches The Anniston Model

Anniston Army Depot recently launched its new management program, The Anniston Model, based on the foundation of Process Based Leadership, a performance improvement methodology, which increases accountability and encourages open communication.

Beavers selected as depot operations officer

ANAD Public Affairs Office

Cassandra Beavers was recently selected as the Anniston Army Depot operations officer. Beavers a native of Talladega, Alabama has a bachelor’s of arts degree in business administration from Talladega College.

In 2001, Beavers joined the United States Air Force as an armament systems technician. Her tours of duty included Shepard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, Kadena AFB in Okinawa, Japan, and Pope AFB in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Beavers began her civil service career in 2008 with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution in Anniston as a distribution process worker. She has held numerous positions while employed with DLA to include quality assurance evaluator, transportation officer, division chief of wholesale and retail operations and operations officer.

In her spare time, she enjoys working out and spending time with family and friends.

Receive emergency information quickly with ALERT!

Alert! Mass Warning Notification System, or MWNS, sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather.

Electric vehicles roll across ANAD

A September 2021 mandate from AMC requires all new vehicle leases and purchases must be all electric Non-tactical Vehicles (NTVs) first choice, hybrids when electric solutions are not commercially available and conventional gas vehicles by exception only.

Seen Around the Depot

Machinist Chase Holderfield was a student machinist in the first graduating class for Anniston Army Depot's High School Co-op Program, now known as the Pathways Program. The program officially began January 4, 2001, and held its first graduation May 17, 2001. Most of the 24 graduates in the first class continued their trades education in the depot’s College Co-op Program.

Holderfield has been with Team ANAD for 22 years and currently works in the Component Machining Branch. He said the best part of his job is working on new projects and solving problems and challenges. Holderfield's grandfather, Bill Thompson, is his hero, because he encouraged him to apply for the co-op program

Excellence in Safety Award

Lauren Wills, equal employment opportunity manager, received the FY23, 2nd Quarter Award for Excellence in Safety. After being informed of a high traffic hazard entering a shop with hearing impaired employees working nearby, Wills coordinated with the Safety Office and the Directorate of Public Works to establish a safety measure to slow vehicular traffic in the area. She submitted service orders for warning signs to be posted outside the entrance and additionally, obtained a movable speed bump device to limit the speed of vehicles entering the building.

Safety Monitor of the Quarter

Charles Kirkland, a tool maker for the Directorate of Production, is the FY23, 1st Quarter Safety Monitor of the Quarter. He is the safety monitor for his cost center. Kirkland ensures the Go-To Resource Book (GTR) book is kept up to date, all the eyewash stations are maintained and tested weekly, helps everyone in the shop understand and abide by safety rules and regulations. He does an excellent job at keeping up with all the safety standards, responsibilities, and requirements of his regular job. Both duties are very demanding and nonstop, but Kirkland never misses a beat.

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