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The transition from a woodlands to a high density industrial complex defines the life span of Anniston Army Depot. But, it only hints at the diverse and wide-ranging missions that have marked almost 80 years of patriotic service to the nation and to the men and women of our Armed Services.

On October 14, 1941, the installation was officially designated the Anniston Ordnance Depot, in accordance with War Department General Order No. 11. In August 1962, the name was changed to Anniston Army Depot.

In the beginning, ammunition storage and shipment was the depot’s primary mission. Then, in the early 1950s, a maintenance mission for the overhaul and repair of combat vehicles was added, which has continued to expand throughout the ensuing decades.

The maintenance and the storage of chemical munitions began in 1963 and, in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Conventions, were successfully completed through demilitarization in August 2011.

Missile maintenance was added to the depot’s ever growing capabilities in the 1980s, as was support for the M1 Abrams tank.

Over the years, other significant changes have taken place, with tenant organizations becoming significant partners of the depot’s day-to-day operations. Major government tenants include the Anniston Munitions Center, the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Anniston, the Anniston Contracting Command TACOM Contracting Center - Anniston, the US Army Museum Support Center, the Dear Occupational Health Clinic, DLA Disposition Services, the USA TMDE Support Center and the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

Other key organizations, co-located on the depot, are General Dynamics Land Systems, Honeywell, Raytheon and BAE Limited.

Today, Anniston Army Depot, the combat vehicle center of the free world, continues to seek new and innovative ways of doing business in order to carry forth its legacy of over 80 years of service to the nation and her warfighters well into the 21st century.

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